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Sarajia Islamic Studies 

A dynamic community devoted to developing an Islamic life

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About Our Mosque

Bathgate Mosque was established in 1994 by the local community of West Lothian. It served the purpose of a Masjid as well as an Education Centre.

The name for the Bathgate Mosque - namely Sarajia Islamic Studies was suggested by Muslim Scholars in the Prophet's Mosque in Madina, Saudi Arabia. The community named the centre as soon as it was established in 1994.

The need for such a centre was so great that it immediately became a valuable asset for the whole community.

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Prayer Times

Jammat will be 15 Minutes after the start time

Jumma will be at 1:30pm**

If Jumma is required to be booked or we have multiple congregations it will be posted on the website and social media posts. If not only 1 Jammat will take place.


Make a Donation

Bathgate Mosque has a 100% donation policy helping the needy around the world. Our aim is to support all muslim countries affected by poverty & natural disasters. We also focus on providing health care for the people in need, supporting orphans & widows.





Prayer Arrangements

Masjid is open for all prayers, please see the Jamat times on the home page. 

Eid Updates

Eid Salah will be announced the night before at Magrib. If booking is required it will be posted via newsletter and Social Media. 

Adult and Youth Classes

We are in the process of setting up adult and youth classes which will support all types of classes such as islamic, cultural and entrepreneurship workshops. 


After School Classes

Classes take place Monday to Friday with both male and female teachers. ​

  1. Islamic Lifestyle Classes

  2. Quran and Tajweed Classes

  3. Urdu and Arabic

Ramadan Schedule

During the month of Ramadan the mosque provides dates, fruit and water for breaking your fast. 

There is also Tarawee that takes place every evening after Isha Salah


We are in the process of setting up the local foodbank for the West Lothian Community. This will be open to all faiths and members of the public. 

Blog and Social Media Updates
Feedback & Reviews

Kevin Tonner

“Nice place to worship."

Frankie Bolder

Muhammad Imran

“Great Classes for kids”
"Fantastic Work Supporting the local community."


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