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Qard-e-Hasanah (Loan to Masjid)

Qard-e-Hasanah (or Qard al-Hasan) is an Islamic concept referring to an interest-free loan extended for charitable or humanitarian purposes. Here's a brief explanation:

  • Interest Free Loan - In contrast to conventional loans where interest or additional charges are applied, Qard-e-Hasanah is purely a charitable or benevolent loan, with no profit motive.

  • Purpose - These loans are typically provided to support those in need, such as to help with medical expenses, education, starting a small business, or other personal or community projects.

  • Repayment - The borrower is expected to repay the exact amount borrowed without any additional charges or interest. While repayment terms might vary, the fundamental principle is that the lender does not seek to profit from the loan.

  • Islamic Teachings - The concept is rooted in Islamic teachings that encourage charity, kindness, and support for those in need. The Quran and Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) emphasize the virtues of helping others without expecting any return or profit.

  • Common in Islamic Finance - Qard-e-Hasanah is a common practice within Islamic finance institutions, which often have dedicated funds for providing these types of loans to support various charitable or humanitarian activities.

       Qard-e-Hasanah reflects the values of compassion and social responsibility in Islamic financial practices.

If you or your family have some extra money that you can lend to the mosque as Qard-E-Hassanah, please complete the form below with the amount you can offer and how long you can lend it to the mosque.

Please Submit the form below:

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